Damning Conclusions of Ferry Procurement Inquiry

  • Transport Scotland and CMAL applied inadequate due diligence in scrutinising and signing off the procurement process
  • Insufficient due diligence was undertaken of the financial stability of bidders, including the winning bidder
  • Subsequent to contract award, insufficient work was undertaken by the contractor to develop and secure sign-off on the basic design prior to commencing construction of the vessels
  • The Scottish Government seems to have been willing to proceed despite apparent significant risks associated with awarding the contract to FMEL
  • The Committee therefore calls on the Scottish Government to commission an independent external review of the processes for public procurement of ferries to ensure appropriate lessons are learned for the future


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The current state of our lifeline ferry service shows it is not fit for purpose in terms of reliability, resilience and infrastructure. The Arran Ferry Action Group is a new and fully representative lobbying group, set up to represent Arran interests in demanding service improvements and accountability in future investment decisions.


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