Endless Wait for New Ferry

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Below is the full government report on the Updated Cost & Programme for hulls 801/802.

If the prospect of immersing yourself in 43 pages of depressing reading does not float your boat, you may prefer this overview.

The report details failures at every level from the very start of the project. To address these will require a massive amount of remedial work, scheduled for up to 7 months.

Key conclusions...

"The ferry project has suffered significant delays throughout the life of the contract. There have been a number of issues that have been the root cause of these delays. These include:

  • Lack of project management, particularly critical on 801/02 which are complex ships where no one person has understood and controlled the overall programme
  • An absence of project planning and control systems has resulted in a lack of integrated working, out-of-sequence activities and no useful management information
  • Engineering processes and controls are weak. Specifications from the customer were not fully understood before design work was carried out resulting in an incomplete design and causing significant rework

Vessel 801 has been in the water for 2 years and the underwater condition has not been established however a drydocking has been planned early in the programme. Internally, the care and protection has been poor resulting in equipment damage. Vessel 802 has been on the berth for over 2 years and the paint protection has degraded in this time both on external surfaces and internally due to rainwater ingress into areas of the ship.

As a result of the immature design and out of sequence working there has been a significant number of defects raised by the customer which have all been reviewed and where required included in the cost and programme. These include a major departure from the specification, the widespread use of axilock couplings, which together with other work, has driven the decision to remove most of the pipework within the engine room."

Other key points to note:

No defect logging system.Immature design and inadequate design capability.Significant departures from contract specification.Yard and vessels in a mess.Significant volume of parts un accounted for. No stock control, or Bill of Materials able to be completed.Both vessels likely to miss contract target for weight and speed.

It is hard to imagine a worse scenario than is reported.

Read Scottish Government Report

As you might expect, there are contradictory stances on this sorry situation.

Click this link to read an over-arching summary, courtesy of the BBC news website.

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