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  • Changes of Policy on CalMac Ferry Crossings
  • Passengers no longer asked for reason for travel

Press Release from CalMac

From Monday 22 June, face coverings need to be worn by passengers when inside our vessels. We will now be informing all passengers of this and posters will be going up in ports and vessels outlining the new guidance. However it is important to note that we will inform and inquire but not enforce this. There are a number of reasons why some passengers cannot wear a face covering and it is not for our staff to challenge this or seek proof. All customer facing staff will also now be required to wear a face covering.

You may also be aware that the First Minister announced changes in the criteria of who is allowed to travel to islands. Scottish Government guidance is that travel to the islands should remain for essential reasons only or to visit family. Travel to the islands is not yet open for leisure or recreation but we will no longer be seeking proof from passengers to allow them to travel given the additional element of being allowed to visit family.

Again our position on this will be to inform and not enforce. We will be encouraging all passengers to ensure their journey is meeting the guidelines set by the Scottish Government and to consider if they are taking a space away from an essential worker or island resident.

I pledge again to keep you updated as we adapt our timetables in the coming weeks.
Robbie Drummond
Managing Director
CalMac Ferries Ltd

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