Outrage expressed to the Transport Minister

  • Letter sent by a Lochranza resident

Robert CummingRobert Cumming

Dear Mr Dey

I thought I should write as a pensioner living on Arran.

I was utterly appalled by your failure to engage in a conversation with those elderly people who on an inclement day were prepared to stand and hope for an opportunity to discuss their legitimate concerns regarding the ferry service.
You should really hang your head in shame!

Further to the embarrassment of the ongoing ferry and Brodick pier fiasco, I anticipate you too will be tarred by the same failures when you support the redevelopment of Ardrossan. There has not been one shred of evidence provided that the redevelopment will improve resilience and we will be stuck with two vastly expensive new ports and a boat sitting going nowhere in the slightest wind.

Mark my words, the absolute priority to the people in Arran is a boat that sails, not terminals or cruise liners!!! You are always as a government saying we could be like Norway. Why are we not following their lead in Eco-friendly catamarans and hybrids? How much more money Is going to be wasted under your watch? Another couple of hundred million swept under the carpet with not one, not one, not one, person held accountable.

Robert Cumming

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